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The Monkey
Thank you for being interested in me! I promise to do my best to not bore you so this About page is very condensed and cannot be considered anywhere near a complete story!

I am the result of a classic nuclear middle class family, two parents, still happily married, one sibling. I went to public school, achieved a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at a public university. While I did get that computer degree and many of my jobs used it, I was never happy with any them past the first one. I wish I could have stayed at that first one. My company was bought and the company that bought us had their own in-house IT department with no desire to inherit any of us, more fool them. Not to rant about coding, but I miss the days when you were more or less left alone to handle your coding rather than the group or pair programming bunk that has cropped up to, in my mind, only prop up subpar developers that have no business in the field. Nuf said.

So I'm not happy as a Software Dev and tried to get out of dev work as a career a number of times. Branching into different paths like Business Analyst and Helpdesk or breaking completely out into a stint as a Realtor with limited returns on happy investment. My newest career attempt is one I have always been half-working on, but I will now be attempting to devote 100% of my free time to it: AUTHOR! This means every free moment rather than only when I'm bored. I hope you follow me on this journey and get some enjoyment out of the adventure!

I honestly should have always followed the author route at the same time as the other stuff! I have always LOVED to write. Not until more recently did I bother to send any of my pieces to be published with some small success. So, writing is now my main focus, as long as I can continue to wrangle it with everything else! In high school even, I had about half of a novel all written and was very proud of it! That is, until I was in college and re-read it. I haven't deleted it, I might go back later and make it presentable. Right now, I'm focused on a fantasy fiction novel and very excited about finishing it!!

Thank you for reading! I will write posts on this site as often as I can and keep my subscribers updated of any and all major news! Choose to Subscribe for a free list of curated suggested novels by yours truly!