Back cover blurb

The 1st draft of the back cover blurb for my new yet unnamed fiction novel.


Lillian had planned out her life. First, she graduated from her university with a degree in Journalism and then she received a rare opportunity to write for highly rated newspaper at the young age of 23. Now, she just needs an exposé to complete her dream of becoming a household name synonymous with Diane Sawyer or Christiane Amanpour, her heroes! She knew that wasn't going to be easy, but then she gets an assignment for a story on Russia's opposition party and how they are handling the fear and danger of going against the elite in power. She's no stranger to dealing with people in power misusing their power so she feels this story is right up her alley. The problem is that her editor, the aforementioned person in power in her life, wants the story as soon as possible or she'll need to get a new job! Lillian doesn't know the Russian language or Cyrillic alphabet, but refuses to let anything stop her! This is her best shot to fulfill her dream, so she'll do anything to find the story and complete the article including flying to Russia. Will Lillian be able to find the people she needs to finish her story?

Patya Fedorenko had held a mid-level post in the financial sector under Boris Yeltsin. Once Mr Yeltsin was ousted, Mr. Putin displaced all his predecessors appointments, Patya included. He didn't mind that, it's just business as usual. When his younger sister was kidnapped and forced into marriage to an appointee of the new government, he started researching his new brother-in-law. He did not like what he found and went underground to do what he can to invalidate the marriage, free her, and get his, hopefully ex, brother-in-law fired. Patya finds it's not easy to get assistance working against someone who holds the president's favor. Will Patya ever find a sympathetic voice to help him save his sister?