Monkey with a Typewriter

I am one typewriter monkey who broke away from the pack of infinite monkeys to write original works!
Bookmark Idea
A sneakpeak at one side of a bookmark to be released with my book! Expect it to look much better once I have settled on a title and an artist!

I like to consider myself an author but so far I have only published a few articles and short stories. I have had some non-fiction, a piece on financial success for people just graduated from high school, and short stories, horror and fantasy, published. Unfortunately, all but one of the publications that published my stories have since folded and I cannot link to them currently.

A short story of mine can be found in Epigraph Press's first issue Fazed (pages 27-29)

I had a collaboration with feast.and.fable who published my short story How Sweet It Is on their insta feed on 9/22/2020.

I currently have multiple fiction and one non-fiction, about my struggles with a virus and the medical community, in various states of completion. My current push is to dedicate all my writing efforts to just one of them (and this website!) and finish a novel!

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